What We Do

Do Things Right – Do Things Well

Z3 Sciences offers comprehensive services beginning with quality biomass procurement and processing through distillation and isolation in to finished retail products. We provide turnkey solutions and high level consulting with experience and insight through each stage of production and delivery.


Z3 Sciences uses a variety of extraction methods depending on the final goal. We offer high volume alcohol extraction and unique lipid methodology designed for final products. We can provide high volume full spectrum distillate or CBD isolate.

Biomass Procurement

Z3 Sciences has selectively partnered with only the best farms in the country to guarantee a premium supply of smokable hemp and biomass for ourselves and our partners.

White Label

Z3 Sciences powers CBD White Label products for a variety of brands including athletes and celebrities. We can take an idea and turn it in to inventory in fast and cost effective ways at scale.

Product Distribution

Z3 Sciences is a trusted name in the hemp industry with established distribution channels through brick and mortar and digital strategies. We not only make the best products, we then ensure that they get in to the hands of as many deserving patients as possible.


Z3 Sciences has helped shape several successful business models for a variety of organizations – We continually seek quality partners in and ancillary to the hemp industry to help further our collective growth.

Other Services

Z3 Sciences offers a few supplementary services including stand-alone winterization and hammer milling. We require input material to be milled and our alcohol extraction includes in-line winterization to maximize efficiency.